Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race American Canadian
Birthday September 30, 1999
Age 7 (Season 1), 8 (Season 2), 9 (Season 3)
First Appearance The Flamingo Has Landed
Last Appearance CF: The Musical
Voice Actor Matthew Ferguson
Avi, aka The Avalanche Kid has a real knack for disaster. Is it a bad moon that hangs over his head or just the overlong bangs that hang in his eyes? Whatever the cause, Avi is seriously dexterity-challenged. All it takes from him is one "uh-oh" move to start off an inevitable chain of mounting disasters. Captain Flamingo doesn't mind cleaning up Avi's messes, usually, but sometimes he wishes Avi would plan and call ahead, because, let's face it: if he's going with his mom to the china shop on Monday, Milo really should book the week off. Avi has three identical looking younger sisters, who seem to have inherited Avi's ability to be a walking disaster, which also seems to run in his family.