Lizbeth Amanda Zaragoza
Lizbeth Zaragoza
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Asian (half Filipino half Chinese)
Birthday October 30, 2001
Age 5 (Season 1), 6 (Season 2), 7 (Season 3)
First Appearance The Flamingo Has Landed
Last Appearance Cliffhanger
Voice Actor Melanie Tonello
The Captain's best friend, sidekick, and not-so-secret Chinese-Filipino admirer, Lizbeth is focused and organized, however, she's just a puddle of emotions when it comes to Milo Powell, her favourite square shaped boy. She's a devoted follower and chronicler of his heroics, and, unbeknownst to him, is the voice of the "birdbrain" that often inspires the Captain to save the day. Lizbeth is strong and smart but a bit of a loner because of it. Her best friend, besides Milo, is her monocled stuffed elephant confidante, Chester. Lizbeth is secure in the knowledge that girls mature faster than boys, so she knows one day Milo will catch up and appreciate her. So, for now, she's willing to guide him along and wait patiently for that special day. She acts so because Milo saved her life when they were babies, when Lizbeth nearly fell out of the sandbox onto the concrete sidewalk and Milo threw himself in front of her to save her, and never forgets about it (although witnesses say that what really happened was that Milo became distracted by a butterfly, and, unable to concentrate and keep himself up at the same time, fell down into a heap, unintentionally saving her).


  • In the Chinese version, her name is Juxian Li (李据先). This is the also the same name as her Chinese name.