Max Roderick
Max Roderick
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race English Canadian
Birthday November 10, 2002
Age 4 (Season 1), 5 (Season 2), 6 (Season 3)
First Appearance The Flamingo Has Landed
Last Appearance CF: The Musical
Voice Actor Isabel de Carteret

Max is one of the smartest, most sophisticated kids on the block. It's not his fault he's two feet tall and has a ridicuwous Elmer Fudd-like speech problem where his r's turn into w's, and he often adds w's to his l's. Therefore, 'really' becomes 'reawwy' and 'small' becomes 'smawl.' Luckily, Captain Flamingo gets him out of trouble. A lot. Max reveals his last name is Roderick in the episode "Max Invader, Scourge Of The Universe".