Milo Powell/Captain Flamingo
Milo Powell
Milo Powell
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Eurasian (half Japanese half Canadian)
Birthday October 26, 1999
Age 7 (Season 1), 8 (Season 2), 9 (Season 3)
First Appearance The Flamingo Has Landed
Last Appearance Cliffhanger
Voice Actor Tabitha St. Germain
Motivated, driven Milo Powell is equipped with the imagination and faith to become a superhero. He stands proudly in his homemade super-tights, his unwieldy flamingo-beak helmet and terry cloth cape, ready to take on an outsized world! With Milo, things rarely turn out as planned, but somehow they do always manage to turn out all right. He carries a heavy heroic burden because kids everywhere rely on him, so he approaches their problems with utmost seriousness—as if the fate of their world depended on it (and maybe it does!). In the episode "Switch Hitch", where Wendell and Milo switched lives, Milo seemed quite jealous of Wendell's feelings towards Lizbeth. It is later revealed that he may love her. When Lizbeth and the rest of his friends were walking away with an imposter, he had shouted "Lizbeth, I love you-I mean how you..."