Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Cuban Canadian
Birthday July 17, 1997
Age 9 (Season 1), 10 (Season 2), 11 (Season 3)
First Appearance The Flamingo Has Landed
Last Appearance CF: The Musical
Voice Actor Scott Beaudin
Owen-Only is an over-protected only child. He's been padded, helmeted and parentally locked out of most of the thrills of being a kid. And pop-culturally, he's way behind. This character has never tasted junk food, or felt the wind in his hair while riding his scooter, or told a joke where the punch line was "poo." So you have to forgive him for not getting stuff, or always stating the obvious, to the point of being really annoying sometimes. Given what he's up against, you gotta love the guy. Sugar makes Owen extremely hyperactive, his personality goes from sensible to lunatic if he gets even a taste of sugar.