Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Luxembourger Canadian
Birthday December 12, 1998
Age 8 (Season 1), 9 (Season 2), 10 (Season 3)
First Appearance Beyond the Thundermonkey Dome
Last Appearance Saint Nick O'Time (appearance)
Cliffhanger (mentioned)
Voice Actor Rebecca Brenner

Tabitha has two settings: freaked out, and really freaked out. She's on life's fast track; every moment of every day is scheduled, and she plans to finish university and have an established medical career by the time most of us are just finishing breakfast. Tabitha's many playdates, lessons and various 'opportunities for growth' keep her busy, frazzled and close to implosion. But when someone's life moves as fast as hers does, things eventually slip—and the Captain is always there to pick up the pieces. Her bright yellow frizzy hair is a simple indicator of her stress-level. The more stressed she is, the wilder it gets - much to her dismay. She has a brother who loves drums, and a toddler brother who's into streaking! Tabitha gets angry at Milo, too.